I want around 600 words on what we do at SPE Precision Components. That okay?

Sure, no problem. So, I immediately think about starting typing and simply listing what we do…

How we provide complete, start-to-finish engineering solutions, and about how we work with organisations from a range of sectors and industries in the UK and Worldwide including Aerospace / Computer & PCB Manufacturing / Marine / Electronics / Leisure & Gaming / Food / Automotive / Formula 1 / Pharmaceutical / Defence / Scientific Instrumentation / Oil & Gas / Nuclear…

I could then say how our highly-skilled and experienced workforce uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide high precision components to your specific requirements, ranging from large 5 axis to high-volume turned parts – and everything in between. Not many other company’s do this, never mind do it as well as we do.

But no. All of the above would be too easy, and you can always get that information from our website anyway, couldn’t you? And this website will also give you a plethora of visible examples of our work – but that doesn’t tell the whole story about ‘what we do’…

Companies that we work with or want to work with us will quite rightly expect the very best. But as well as the components that we make, what they also get is what we feel sets us apart.

They get:

  • the products that they want, when they want them. We always meet, and often beat, deadlines,
  • over four decades of expertise and experience in what we do, from our 28,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility based in the heart of the country, North Staffordshire,
  • the benefits that a 60-strong team of specialists and highly-skilled engineers bring to the table,
  • a company that boasts a history of quality, which is accredited and registered to the highest level. These include: AS9100 REV D, ISO 9001:2015 Aerospace/Defence FAI reports/Automotive PPAP reports including FMEA map, control plan, process map etc; Temperature controlled inspection room… we take quality assurance very, very seriously.

We can talk about how proud we are in our investment in high quality machinery such as the Matsuura MAM72-35V Simultaneous 5 axis 32 pallet and our range of Mazak 5 axis machining centres, but we take equal pride in how professional and personable our services and processes are. And whilst we are excited by what the results that we are getting from our Star SR-32JIIITYpe B Sliding Head Turning Centres and our Brother Speedio R650 x2 High Speed Twin Pallet 5 Axis, we are just as excited about developing long-term working relationships with organisations from any number of sectors.

‘What we do’ is about top-tier engineering solutions and high precision components of the highest order, but it’s also about people, too. Communication is key. That’s why our processes are not only thorough, but they include our valued customers at all stages, so that they get the results that they need, want, and deserve. That’s why so many of our customers are long-term or repeat business.

High quality components, delivered on time, on budget, with you at the very heart of our processes, from a reliable, trustworthy company with an outstanding track record and reputation. Isn’t that what your company is looking for?

But please don’t take our word for it. Please take reassurance from the following, sent to us by a Principal Engineer from a Scientific Instrument Manufacturer recently. We feel that it sums up ‘what we do’ better than we ever could:

We have partnered with SPE Precision Components for many years and continue to do so due to their impressive machining capabilities and commitment to quality. Their collaborative approach and flexibility align with our ever-changing project needs and stringent time-to-market requirements, whilst their commitment to investment in recent years has been an asset to their agility.

I wholeheartedly recommend SPE Precision Components to any business in search of a forward-thinking machining partner.

Who we are

For over 40 years SPE Precision Components have been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of components fora variety of specialised industries and clients.

Our reputation is everything to us – please contact or visit us to find out why it is justified.