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They say that a poor workman blames their tools. What they should also say is that a successful, proactive company invests heavily in the very best tools. So, add the very best in technology and equipment with an outstanding, motivated workforce and you get SPE Precision Components…

As a company, we are always actively seeking efficiency, safety, productivity, outstanding end product and customer satisfaction. Seeking and getting that has ensured that we have forged long-standing working relationships with companies and organisations in a number of industries. From that and the organic word-of-mouth marketing that occurs as a result, we get not only repeat business, but new business, too.

SPE Precision Components are regular visitors to the likes of trade shows, exhibitions as we look to achieve our goals of operational excellence and customer satisfaction. The way we work has evolved rapidly in recent years, and we want to be at the forefront of this, not trailing in its wake as we believe that companies that place innovation at their core will adapt better to rapidly evolving technology solutions trends.

There are now statistics available to prove that businesses which invest in new technology and equipment are able to set themselves apart from everyone else. The key is selecting the technology that is right for your business, and which helps to drive your business further. Technology is at the centre of every aspect of our business and we know that it gives us a competitive edge.

In 2024, we have already invested heavily when it comes to time and money in new equipment and technology. This includes the following four pieces of kit…

Matsuura MAM72-35V 32 Pallet  5 Axis Machining Centre

This is Matsuura’s flagship machine and it’s been a significant, but highly successful, investment for our company. It is a 5 Axis Machining Centre with 32 pallets, and is designed to run 24 hours per day and up to 72 hours unmanned. By having 32 pallets and 210 tools (expandable to 330), we can leave regular parts set up, reducing in set up times, improving efficiency and flexibility.

This offers our customers the opportunity to benefit from the higher batch machining opportunities whilst maintaining the very best quality that the Matsuura are renowned for.

The Matsuura MAM72-35V 32 Pallet 5 Axis Machining Centre has been the clear market leader for unrivalled automated and unmanned 5 Axis CNC machining production throughout all of this platform’s technology upgrades since its inception – and we are delighted to have it under our roof in 2024!

Mazak CV5 5 Axis Machining Centre

This is a high-accuracy, simultaneous 5 Axis Machining Centre which further compliments our extensive range of Mazak 5 Axis Machining Centres. It fits in superbly at SPE Precision Components as it offers high performance with a reduced footprint, plus has the ability to be easily integrated into a variety of automation systems.

Its positives are many: the Mazak CV5 5 Axis Machining Centre increases productivity by having an automation-friendly design and is flexible, stable and designed to meet a wide range of applications.

Star SR32 JIII Type B Sliding Head Lathe

This offers best-in-class accuracy, rigidity, and metal cutting performance within the 32mm diameter range. The 8 station back-working platen with Y2 axis increases ‘overlapping’ opportunities to reduce cycle times and increases the total number of tools that could be mounted to 39.

Other big pluses are its versatility, reliability, and flexibility, which has also been enhanced with the ability to switch between guide bush and non-guide bush modes. Spindle performance has been increased with more speed and power across all four spindle motors, and in addition hydraulic clamping for the main and sub-spindle collets has been adopted which increases the clamping force by up to 40%.

As if that isn’t enough, machine rigidity has been also been enhanced with the adoption of dovetail slide ways on X1, Y1, Y2 and Z2 axes. Our investment in the Star SR32 JIII Type B Sliding Head Lathe has allowed us to produce parts for existing and new customers more efficiently and also add to our lights-out machining capability.

Brother Speedio R650

This is a high speed, twin pallet 5 Axis Machining Centre and a welcome addition to the SPE Precision Components’ technology roster.

A huge selling point of the Brother Speedio R650 was its high productivity, thanks to a 2-face pallet changer QT table. Key features and benefits are its enhanced speed and acceleration, plus it is extremely efficient with regards to power consumption. It has the high environmental performance that we were really looking for, thanks to its energy saving functions

We hope that our investment in the latest technology provides not only outstanding components to our customers – but we hope that it also gives them peace of mind, too. We also know that they share our ethos that technology drives innovation, which means better products and service for them, and further success for SPE Precision Components, too!

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For over 40 years SPE Precision Components have been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of components fora variety of specialised industries and clients.

Our reputation is everything to us – please contact or visit us to find out why it is justified.