SPE Precision Components: Same core values. Same mindset. Different look.

Staffordshire Precision Components

Success is no accident.

The above is a quote from Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele – one of (if not the) greatest footballers to ever walk the planet. Now, Pele isn’t a renowned business leader or guru, and his words were probably aimed at The Beautiful Game rather than engineering, but at SPE Precisions Components, we think that they really do apply to our world, too.

For over four decades, we have been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of components for a variety of specialised industries and clients throughout the UK, Europe, and all over the world. We have an outstanding reputation based on a track record of excellence that has ensured we have forged strong relationships with so many organisations throughout this period.

The easy thing would be for us to just keep doing what we are doing. But we don’t operate quite like that. We are taking Pele’s words fully on board… yes, we are successful, but it’s not been by accident – it’s through being strategic, through planning, and through being proactive. We don’t like allowing things to drift, and that is why we were so determined to not only showcase what we do for others, but change how we are seen by others, too.

That’s why we have worked closely in collaboration with a leading creative agency, Lawrence Davis, to produce a new look, a new website… a new way of how we are branding ourselves.

Gary Smith and his brother Phil are the Joint Managing Directors, and Gary spoke about the changes…

After the pandemic we continued to be successful, but we are always looking at ways of doing things even better. We sat down as a leadership group and thought that whilst we were doing some fantastic work, not enough people knew about that work and about our company itself. We also gave serious consideration as to how others see us…

We haven’t changed our branding and marketing for a while, and whilst we’ve evolved over this time – better premises, better equipment, amazing staff, a broad range of new clients – we felt that our current branding and website didn’t give a true representation of our company.

SPE Precision Components still have the same ethos and values: investing in people and the latest technology, and providing great customer service and integrity. Our mindset and target is always to continue to grow year-on-year with our existing and new clients, and rebranding is part of our 5-year business plan to grow the company further.

Once we had the idea, it was then a case of working alongside Lawrence Davis to create a brand identity that would leave a lasting impression – and we believe that they have accomplished this goal.

Amanda Niceley, the Business Development Director from Lawrence Davis has worked closely with us in the past and was excited by our plans to rebrand. “Yes, we are delighted with the results of the rebranding effort”, Amanda states, before continuing:

Our primary objective was to create a branding that authentically reflects SPE’s personality, values, and core messaging, and which sets a solid foundation for future growth and engagement.

In developing the branding and logo for SPE, we placed significant emphasis on the role of colours in the process. We aimed to make the colour scheme instantly recognisable as synonymous with the SPE brand, whilst the logo design sought a balance between simplicity and precision, and we opted for a modern, streamlined approach that would be easily identifiable.

We looked to craft a unique identity, comprising the brand name and an accompanying icon, offering versatility for various marketing and promotional materials – and we are delighted that SPE Precision Components are so happy with the results.

At SPE Precision Components, we base everything we do on being supremely professional, trustworthy, and producing exactly what is asked of us. Basically, old-school business values that are forged with cutting-edge technology and a progressive, proactive mindset. That’s exactly what we wanted from our rebrand.

You are now reading this on our new website, which we hope gives you more than a passing look at the company, what we do, how well we do it, and who we are. But we will also be adding quality, relevant articles and features on a regular basis, which we hope will help our existing and potential clients. We have evolved and progressed in recent times, but we’ve never really told anyone about it. That has changed…

We feel that our website should not only inform and support, but also help those who visit it, too. Both the new website and rebranding will give our team, our clients, and potential clients a truer flavour of what we are about. We’ve changed so much throughout our long history – now, we have taken the decision to change how we look to others.

So, just how pleased is Gary and the company with the results?

We are very pleased in how everything has turned out, but this is just the first step… we want to provide a real insight into our company and how we can help your organisation and add real value to it by the fantastic work that we do.

SPE Precision Components are looking forward to the positive impact that rebranding will have on our company, and we are sure that it will give a more modern, class-leading representation of us and our aspirations.

Hitting goals and setting standards. Something Pele himself was well used to!

Who we are

For over 40 years SPE Precision Components have been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of components fora variety of specialised industries and clients.

Our reputation is everything to us – please contact or visit us to find out why it is justified.